Happy 2014!

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I hope you are resolved to make 2014 a year full of fun philanthropy!  We have several new projects lined up for this year in addition to Thrill the Ville 2014.   This spring we are working with Clowns Without Borders to break the world record for largest shaving cream pie fight.   We’re also planning a Charleston Flashmob based around a jazzed up version of my Old Kentucky Home for the Derby Season to benefit Louisville organizations.   To join us in our exploits sign up for our newsletter here! or email me for questions and clay@flashbanging.com


Thrill the Ville

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flashBANG to ALT-J live!

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ALT J HEADERWe are starting off the year by dancing to  ALT-J’s Hit Song “Breezeblocks”

Rehearsals are:

  • Tuesday’s from 1-2 at Shall We Dance.
  • Thursdays from 1-2 at Shall We Dance.
  • Wednesday’s from 8:30-9:30 at Shall We Dance
  • Sunday’s from 5-6 at Walden Theatre
  • Dress Rehearsal Tuesday March 12, TBA
  • Performance is Tuesday March 19th, the show starts at 8pm

You can attend as many/few  rehearsals you want, but I recommend you try to make it to at least 10 rehearsals Rehearsals will stop from Feb 20th and resume Tuesday March 5 (while I’m in Argentina!!), and you can see our full rehearsal calendar here


  • Individual practices will be $15
  • The performance fee is $20 and covers the cost of admission
  • Full pass to every rehearsal, including the performance  fee is $120, and may be broken into 2 payments.
  • Additionally a 5 lesson booking with performance fee included is $80,and can be broken into 2 payments.

A portion of the class costs will go towards your own WFPK Membership

Email me if you have any questions, and let me know what rehearsal times you can come to.


Thrill the Ville Promo Video

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Rehearsals are Tuesday evenings  at 8:30 in Shall We Dance?  on 1404 Evergreen Rd.  40223.   It’s not too late to sign up, so come out next Tuesday!

We will be performing a series of flashmob performances in December and asking for donations of clothing for those in need during the holidays.

We have one optional scheduled performance on Dec 16th at Shall We Dance? Ballroom’s Winter Showcase,  which starts at 6pm.  Tickets are $20.  More details TBA

Email clay@flashbanging.com  if you have additional questions.






Thrill the Ville Update

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As we head into our final 2 weeks before Thriller there’s alot of important info to share. Keep reaching out for those pledges and invite people to Thrill the Ville (facebook link)! Please let me know if you will be available to help volunteer on or before Thrill the Ville.

EVERYONE MUST REGISTER on the Left SideBar to qualify for the World Record.

I want to make a big shout out to Jan Atkins and the Hormone Replacement Centers for their generous donation and help promoting Thrill the Ville. If you know of a loved one whose age is catching up with them I encourage you to check out HRC medical today.

Dress Rehearsals- We have 2 dress rehearsals so try to make one in full costume.
• Thursday Oct 25th at Shall We Dance? Halloween Potluck Party 8:30
• Friday Oct 26th Walden Chili Supper 6-8

Thrill the Ville Day
• 12-5 Set Up, Volunteer Decorating Pre-Party, last dance prep, and Jack-o-Lantern turn in
• 7pm Thrill the Ville Opens- Dancer Zombie Make-up Sessions
• 8pm Project Improv Undead and Unscripted 30min set
• 8:30 Jack-O-Lantern Awards
• 9pm Costume Contest
• 9:30 Jack-O-Lantern Auction Ends
• 10pm Thriller!!!- Photo Call Right After
• 10:30 Pick Up Jack-O-Lanterns and begin clean up.

Parking: There is a ton of parking around the Morgue, but show up early to get a good spot.

Thank you all for all your hard work!


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It’s time to show the world Louisville’s GANGNAM STYLE. This will be a true flashmob, so while I can tell you that we’ll be performing after Thanksgiving, I’m not giving any additional information here. Get you friends involved and learn to dance GANGNAM STYLE in this fun and funny workout

Walkthrough Videos posted here on my GANGNAM STYLE flashBANG Playlist

Thrill the Ville

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FlashBANG is hosting Thrill the World here in a Louisville. A synchronized global performance of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, for a shot at a world record. We’ll be dancing on Oct 27th at a big Halloween bash right outside the Baxter Avenue Morgue’s exit. There will be multiple costume contests, games and entertainment, a jack-o-lantern art show, and much more. This year we’ve partnered with the Baxter Avenue Morgue to allow everyone the chance to run from Chainsaw Pete screaming right into our party.

Participants will be encouraged to raise funds through pledges on behalf of the organizations they care about. Organization’s do not have to be formally partnered with us for you to raise funds on their behalf, and if you you know an organization that may be interested please have them contact us. Currently the following organizations are on board:

  • Terpsichore Dance Company
  • Walden Theater
  • Big Brother Big Sisters
  • The Alley Theater
  • FlashBANG

We’ll be teaching the Thrill the World choreography at least twice a week and potentially more if we get overcrowded. Rehearsal starts Saturday Sept 9th from 4:30 to 6 at Walden Theater (1123 Payne St) and run every Sunday until Thrill the Ville. We’ll add Tuesday night rehearsals at Shall We Dance Ballroom (1404 Evergreen Road) starting September 18th

Join our the FlashBang Facebook page to stay up to date and involved. You can also shoot us an email at clay@flashbanging.com.

We need volunteers so be a part of the please contact us. If you love this idea send some love to our current sponsors.

  • Baxter Avenue Morgue
  • Shall We Dance Ballroom and Studio
  • Caufeilds Novelty
  • Miller Print Group

Zombies can learn!

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Hey Horde!

Just wanted to post some links to help you all learn on your own.

Like I’ve said in practice, learning the dance script is very helpful to learning the routine and staying on beat. Say it as you dance it. You can also download the audio with various speeds with and with the script for free.

For those of your who have been to several rehearsals here’s a useful walkthrough that breaks down the whole dance, including whats different.

Here are the links each section broken down:

  1. Section 1 Zombie March– Easy!
  2. Section 2 March Booty Swim Easy!
  3. Section 3 Shuffle Ha! Normal
  4. Section 4 Hip n Roar Hard Section
  5. Section 5 Wuz Up Normal
  6. Section 6 Oh Snap! Normal
  7. Section 7 Head n Shoulders Hard
  8. Section 8 Stomp! Easy!

Happy New Year

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Hey Louisville! Do you want a surprise? Because you are going to get a lot this year. Flash Bang has a lot in store to make this year awesome.

First things first. Have you ever had deja vu? Well this Groundhogs Day you might feel just like Bill Murray. Flash Bang is producing a Moebius Scene at a surprise location.

We’ll be performing on Ground Hogs Day in the evening, that’s Thursday Feb 2nd.

Join us Sunday Jan 8th at Walden Theatre at 1123 Payne St. from 7-8 to audition / get involved.
We’ll have “rehearsals” every Sunday at that time. Though we may open up another time based on group availability.
If you can’t make it, please contact us to express you’re interest and availability at clay@flashbanging.com